Coaching, NLP, Self Help | 29 September 2021

The Map is Not the Territory

We often assume things about other people to be true.  We create this from our map of the world based on our personal beliefs, experiences, values.  In NLP we have a presupposition which is “the Map is Not the Territory”. Think about a map.  It is a series of lines, symbols and words that help…

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Coaching | 10 March 2020

Button Up The ‘Buts’ and Hoover The ‘Howevers’

And let your action begin!! “I’m really passionate about linguistics” someone said to me recently “and it is really important that people believe in themselves…” To which I sincerely agree. Then this lovely lady went on to tell me about what she could do and there were 10 ‘buts’ in the conversation.  That was 10…

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Coaching, Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Self Help | 1 May 2019

The Gratitude Jar

The simple act of being grateful – no matter what! Life can sure remind us we are alive.  At times events and aspects of our lives can be overwhelming, a constant flow of things going wrong and perhaps, nothing going right.  This can lead to feelings of lack of control, layered with emotions of frustration,…

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Coaching, Lifestyle | 6 December 2017

NLP Five Step Success Model

Why do some people achieve what they want while others never seem to get past the dreaming? There is nothing wrong with dreaming – unless you want to achieve them. The NLP Five Step Success Model is a basis for all NLP well-formed outcomes, modelling and achieving what we want in life. Outcomes: For us…

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Coaching, Lifestyle | 17 October 2016

Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

A short article on how fun and laughter can aid our internal Life Coach and Hypnotherapist So there we were, in the conference having just learnt more about emotional intelligence and combining hypnosis and Tai Chi and……. Laughter in a pocket? A laughing scale? Gut laughs, little laughs, bright laughs, laughs with gusto, animated laughs,…

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