Training, Courses and Workshops

Whether you are wanting your own personal development or training within the workplace there will be something here for you.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow noted that humans worked through a hierarchy of requirements (the Hierarchy of Needs). As each need was satisfied there is a desire for something more. At the pinnacle (until shortly before he died) was self-actualisation – our need to realise our potential.

This desire to reach our potential sends us seeking more, wanting to strive to be even better, to open ourselves to more possibilities.

Carol Dweck, a Stanford professor of psychology, calls it the ‘Growth Mindset’. Research has shown that when we have a growth mindset, we are more likely to challenge ourselves, believe we can achieve more, and be stronger, more resilient, and creative in problem solving.

As well as offering my own courses, I also collaborate with other professionals to be able to offer a diverse selection of training, courses or workshops aimed at growth mindset, self-actualisation and beyond.