Hearing what others have to say often helps. Here is some feedback from others who have used my services.

I am so grateful for connecting with you. You came, like an angel, at the most difficult time of my life and gave me the strength and confidence to make tough decision with a clear mind and open heart. I loved your caring non-judgmental, sincere and approach, that I felt guided me, without rushing me.

And thank you for all the wonders you did for [my daughter]. She is doing great. Her anxiety has completely resolved. She is a happy bubbly 14 year old, who is having sleep overs with her friends, living her best life, and making her world bigger day by day.  

Charlotte, Auckland

I was instantly drawn to Christine’s coaching style. Her coaching transported me from ‘I’m not sure I’ve got what it takes’ to ‘I have all the skills, experience and knowledge to chase my dreams’. She expertly uncovered beliefs that had been holding me back for decades and gently helped me reframe them without feeling too overwhelmed.

I feel very lucky to have someone with such rich knowledge and experience to call on both personally and professionally.

Anna Veale, Fresh Coaching, Tauranga

I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to be coached by Christine. She has helped me on so many levels. I feel I can deal with my challenges in a more constructive way. I love her approach in how she allows me to lead the session to focus on what is important to me. I strongly recommend Christine for her services.

Therese Walkinshaw, Russell

Christine had such a positive impact on my life and how I view my relationships, future, hopes and dreams. I was struggling with the thought of an impending empty nest, what did I want from my life now, and how would I possibly figure out who I was again after 25 years of primarily being Mum?

You helped me to clarify my new direction, you helped to open doors that I didn’t realise were there, find my new sense of purpose, my newfound joys, and discover new dreams and passions. I love your direct, caring, humorous and thoughtful way of guiding, of showing the possible paths and adventures, back-map a way to them so they seem achievable. Then encouraging me to choose which paths I want and walk along the ones that will take me into the next stage of my life.

You are a truly amazing person who has had a life-changing impact on me. Thank you for the gifts you’ve given me.

Jill Skeet, Auckland

Christine has worked with me to clear several issues as and when they have come up. She has helped me to understand and shift some deep held beliefs that were no longer serving me, to find motivation when it isn’t coming easily and to work through some stressful family situations. She always has the right tool or technique to help with whatever is blocking me and to move me forward.

Throughout the sessions I have found Christine to be compassionate and supportive, with the right blend of honesty and kindness to hold me accountable for my own progress.

Sometimes actually asking for help is the most important step. Knowing that I can trust Christine to support me when I’m at my lowest has been amazing. And working with her to grow while I’m at my best is even better.

In my opinion everyone should have Christine on their team!

Mel H, Auckland

Christine really helped me through a very difficult period in my life. I was struggling with decisions being made in my work situation that impacted on my professional development. At the same time I was in a fragile emotional state in my personal life following my decision to leave the emotional bully I had been married to for the previous 20 years.

I needed some help in making some huge life decisions that I needed to make. Christine was absolutely brilliant, she helped me to find clarity in my visions for my future and the values that would guide and shape the direction I was to take. Emotionally I was ‘leaking’ all over the place, Christine provided me a calm space in which to think, to plan and to take action. I still have other people’s actions impacting on me at times, however, I now choose how to react to these. Christine’s words haunt me, a new mantra that I have the choice on how to react or respond to adversity. Christine’s gentle yet firm approach has helped me out of my ‘stuck place’. I am happy to say I have made some monumental decisions … I look to my future with a little trepidation but more excitement and optimism.

Thank you for helping me through my transition from desperation to renewed hope and optimism. Your guidance has been the lifeline to get me through one of the most difficult periods in my life.

Ingrid, Auckland

Since I have been seeing Christine I have achieved so much not just with my goals, but within myself. Hypnotherapy worked great for me. I have turned my life around and really focused on whats important and I owe it all to you Christine. Thank you so much for all your encouraging scripts and most of all “YOUR TIME”. I am heading towards my goals with the beaming bright light ahead and I have no doubts, negative thoughts and excuses to not make it. My mind is free and I am so much happier. One important script that Christine has taught me and its engraved in my mind is “I am in control, I WILL achieve my goal, I WILL not give up and nothing WILL get in my way”. I’m living life to the fullest and I just LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE every moment of it. I have tryd many things to help me but Lodestone is what works the best with life long RESULTS!!! Thanks Christine you are the BEST!!!!

Donna, Auckland

Christine’s recent Values Based Leadership workshop was inspirational and energising, bringing lots of ideas and a fresh approach to leadership! Christine has the ability to easily engage the participants in the workshop pitching her facilitation at the right level of fun and interaction while ensuring the desired learning outcomes were met.

Jo Fahey, HR Manager, YMCA

I had two matters sorted by Christine’s hypnotherapy sessions. First, I went to see Christine for my anxiety regarding human biology exam. I was overwhelmed by the volume I had to study in a fairly short time.

Christine’s hypnotherapy took my anxiety away, and I got A+ for this paper.

Another session I had with Christine was in regard to taking my fear away about going under general anaesthesia for 4 wisdom teeth extraction. Christine taught me how to take my fear away using different techniques which included NLP and hypnotherapy. After practicing what I was told to do, I was calm on the day of the surgery. After the surgery, I had no pain, no swelling, and no bleeding. I’m sure that Christine’s hypnotherapy worked for my situations.

I found Christine to be very warm and professional when I was being treated. Therefore, I have no hesitation to recommend Christine to anyone who needs to overcome their fear.

Satomi, West Auckland

…After my longing for a special day, finding out I had a little person on board was a milestone for me, I knew I had 9 months of anxiousness ahead as well as a daily growth of love. I knew not all pregnancies end in happiness and …I knew I needed as much inner strength and belief as possible to overcome the fear that I’d never hear my baby cry…..

When the opportunity to try hypnotherapy with Christine presented itself I was happy to learn more and add it to my arsenal of self-help tools. With an open mind I was guided to find my safe place I could have stayed there for hours, and visited it frequently at 3am most nights when sleep alluded me. My pink bubble became my mascot, and it helped out so many times (I still use it now).

My priority was getting baby here safely and when I was almost two weeks late, we opted for a c-section… I was glad I’d practiced the techniques as I knew it had helped me so many times during pregnancy… I arrived at the hospital before 7am and checked into a bed and waited… When 3pm arrived and baby was still on board the discussion was that we’d probably now have to wait till the following day.

Baby decided otherwise and right at that moment everything changed. I remember feeling overwhelmed by all the activity and all the information been said to me and I wanted to hide… I disappeared to the bathroom and went to my safe place and found my pink bubble. I came out a little frighten and held my partners hand until he let go to take photos of my baby girl, who cried out loud until we rubbed noses. I never let my pink bubble out of my sight until I was looking into her eyes and I knew we both where ok. I received lots of feedback of how calm, relaxed and happy I was, my partner said I was even cracking jokes with the surgical team, he was completely amazed and proud of me.

Thank-you, Jellybean and Mummy

Jo, Greenlane

As a confirmed smoker I had tried numerous times to stop smoking and failed each time. I went to Christine and have been really impressed with the results – which are – Im a non smoker for the first time in 20 years! What surprised me the most – was while I definitely had moments where I missed smoking – none of the cravings I experienced have been so intense that I have thought about really picking up that cigarette again.

I would ( and have) recommended Christine to a number of my friends. If you are thinking thats it time to kick a habit and need a helping hand you really should pick up the phone and make an appointment to see her, I’m really glad I did.

Jennifer, Onehunga

I started with Christine in April 2014 and have had some great results so far. It’s all about a lifestyle change for me and Christine has helped me work on doing this. I’m still working toward my goal but I know I will get there with Christine by my side. I would recommend hypnotherapy to any one who has struggled either trying to lose weight or even giving up smoking. She works on why we do what we do and how it affects us emotionally …. Christine Walter has made losing weight a more enjoyable process for me.

Jess, Pakuranga

I am a person who has always struggled with losing weight but found with Hypnotherapy I wasn’t really having to think too much about what I was eating. It just came naturally to me. Christine instills good habits … while in hypnosis that have worked really well for me, and I found that the weight was coming off easier than [it has] in the past…. I have found I am enjoying myself more this time and know that I will reach my goal.

Jo, Pakuranga

I had a very sceptical view of the process, but had decided that my ‘addiction’ to sugar was out of hand and I was willing to try something new. Christine suggested aversion therapy. Following one session of hypno-therapy I found myself in control of sweet foods, rather than them controlling me through compulsion and guilt. My view of food has changed dramatically. I was concerned that this would be a short-lived, unsustainable change – but nearly two months on I have not once felt the need to buy or eat high sugar foods, such as chocolate or sweet biscuits. I am eating what I want, when I want, I just no long feel the need to have overly sugary foods as part of my regular diet.

Emma, Auckland

I had been struggling with a phobia that had been hindering my social life and was giving me a lot of anxiety for about 5 years before I decided to seek help from Christine. I was slightly sceptical at first, but after only my first session I already noticed a HUGE difference. I could barely believe it! And now after 3 sessions I am amazed at the overall effectiveness it has had. I got so much more out of hypnotherapy than I had ever hoped for. Not only is my phobia gone from my life, but I feel significantly more positive and confident – more so than I think I have ever felt before. I am so much happier with myself and excited that I can get on with my life and not have to worry about this anymore. This is a far cry from a girl who thought she would never overcome this. It’s almost surreal how amazingly hypnotherapy has worked for me. I cannot recommend Christine enough, and my only regret is that I didn’t see her sooner!!

Melissa, East Auckland

“I am so grateful to have met Christine. Her practical approach, direct communication style and abundant caring have assisted me in working through my issues and achieving my goals.”

Thomas, Mt Eden

“I’ve carried emotional baggage with me since childhood; well-hidden from view I thought. Christine discerned it straight away, and with patience, care, skill and safety, helped me to recalibrate my life. Travelling lighter, I am deeply grateful.”

Susan, Manukau

“I would like to say a sincere thank you for your amazing guidance and fortifying my forte and destroying my demons which I carried for 7 years. Since I have seen you, the door of opportunities and the way they have presented have changed as have my thoughts. Deeply appreciate and grateful for your help”

Mal, Auckland

“Christine was awesome in helping me overcome my issue with overthinking in the bedroom. She is very easy to talk to and I never felt judged.. I could tell her everything. Her hypnosis helped me tremendously and now I have a full and functioning sex life again.”

Marcus, Northcote Point

“I knew that my ‘buttons were being pressed’ by how easily the tears came, in seemingly random situations. The triggers were things that didn’t make sense to me. I could deal with some pretty big things, yet it would be something seemingly small that would send me reeling. I knew I felt ‘vulnerable’ but that was as far as I could take it on my own. There was something I hadn’t dealt with and needed to release. It was Only Christine who recognised that.

Christine offered to help me and although we’d only met a few days earlier, I knew I could trust her. She guided me through the release of a childhood trauma, using Timeline Regression Therapy. It was really powerful, and enabled me to let go of emotions, of programming, I didn’t know I’d been holding on to.

She worked very intuitively, ‘tuning in’ to my energy, allowing a temporary connection on a deep level to be made. Without the need for words, Christine seemed to know exactly the symbolic images I had in my head during the process. That blew me away.

I now feel a balance and strength within me that wasn’t there before. So thank you Christine – powerful Life Coach and Healer!”

Mary, Dunedin

“I reached out to Christine after finding her on the internet when I was looking into hypnosis as a way to weight loss. I was especially interested the fact that Christine was a life-coach. The last major change I made in my life was due to the support of a life-coach 10 years ago. My life flip 360 back then and I became someone who I could be proud of, so I knew in my heart this would be a great experience. It truly has been. I had plateaued, loss my direction and sense of purpose, forgetting what was important to me. I also lacked motivation which had driven me for so long.

Christine helped me to recognise behaviours that no longer served me and she gave me tools to help me redesign my future. What started off as a pursuit for weight loss, has flowed onto healing past relationships, and I have also revisited past aspirations and given them new life. Have I lost any weight? Yes I have. I have gained a new perspective on my relationship with food, behaviours, beliefs and values I had accepted. I feel awakened! My inner strength restored. The best thing I have done for myself in a decade. Thanks Christine.”

Kushla, Rotorua

“I want to thank you for an amazing week, it truly changed my life. You are an incredibly good teacher, mentor and life coach and I’m grateful for all these new skills I have achieved from you during the week……

Thank you for your support, kindness and coaching. You are an amazing person.

Mille, participant of Breakthrough Life Coaching Course 2015, Wellington

“…. it has now been 16 weeks [since giving up smoking] ,and as each week goes by I feel better,and the urges are as good as gone.There may be the odd time when i say a smoke would be nice but that’s me and my silly head.

Other than that i am in great form, x-rays of chest and lungs all clear.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your fantastic suggestions to my sub conscious it has worked a treat.

Fergus, Eastern Suburbs

Working with Christine, I have found that my perspective has shifted and that I have a stronger sense of being valuable. The guilt I was carrying has greatly subsided and I feel that my broken heart has been stitched back together with her use of Timeline Healing.

Christine has a warm and thorough manner and she has strong empathetic skills that she uses when she journeys collaboratively with her clients. The outcome for me is a growing confidence and acceptance of who I am and where I am at in my life. I can hold my head high, stand tall and know my strength is in my unique self that is truly wonderful and empowered to see what has held me back in some ways and view those perspectives in a new light. I believe that over time, the effect of the healing modalities Christine used will create a sturdy position within me of self-respect and confidence.
Thank you Christine

Kym, West Auckland

Before I started seeing Christine the one word that described how I was feeling was stuck. Stuck in old patterns and beliefs,with low energy which left me feeling unworthy, unmotivated and unable to commit to anything. I was ready to change but didn’t know how to go about it.
Over six weeks Christine guided me back to myself. We restored my self worth, my ability to commit and my self motivation. I now know that I am in charge of my life, my choices and my thought patterns.

I found my time with Christine extremely valuable and couldn’t recommend her more highly.

A truely life changing experience.

Thank you Christine.

Much love and appreciation

Susan T, Christchurch

Thanks so much Christine. The sessions with you and the audios have been transformative for me. I am so glad I took up the recommendation to meet with you!

Sonya C, Pt Chevalier

Hello Christine

I have been meaning to message you. Brooke listens to her recording almost every night and she has not touched or broken her hair once since she visited you. She doesn’t play with her hair at all and she is so happy and can’t wait for her hair to grow out and recover. It has been amazing to watch, after telling her to stop breaking her hair for the past 5 years. …

We can’t thank you enough Christine!!!

Maryanne, Auckland

Hi Christine,

I wanted to touch base to thank you very much indeed. When I contacted you last year I was in quite a state emotionally, and really felt like I’d reached rock bottom, my confidence was zero. My life felt like it was spiralling out of control and I couldn’t seem to get myself back into the driving seat, even simple tasks had blown out of proportion in my mind.

After my first session with you I knew I had found the right person to help me get back on track.
You were compassionate and non judgemental, I felt safe opening up to you about my fears and weaknesses. Your suggestions and guidance were spot on and I immediately felt empowered. The Hypnosis worked a treat and I continue to listen to it when I feel the need. (Rarely now) By the time I saw you for my fourth visit, I felt like a new person, or really just the person I was meant to be with my confidence back.

Coming to see you was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and worth every cent.

Thank you again.

Colette, North West Auckland

Christine changed my life forever. I’d had a long standing fear of supermarkets, just the thought of going to the supermarket made me break out in a cold sweat, and if I did manage to make it inside I invariably had a panic attack. This was compounding my weight loss efforts too.

I found Christine through her website and rang her. She was patient and kind in that first phone call, and gave me hope before I’d even met her.

I booked four sessions with Christine and honestly was sceptical. But, from the first session things changed, by the time I got to the fourth session I was going into supermarkets, eating healthier, and feeling much better about the choices I made.

No one would ever know I once had a problem with this. I now go to the supermarket or other big box stores whenever I want, saunter around and have lost 12kg in weight.

Christine’s sessions work, with no judgement, a safe space to confess your fears, and a friendly face to welcome you. I’d have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Steph H, Taupo

Christine is a gentle and caring facilitator. Christine walked me through a powerful process over three hours to deal with suppressed feelings on anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. The process was done with love and care and was unhurried and done with patience. Christine followed up with a phone call the next day to check in and see if I needed anything else and I was so grateful for this – I felt supported throughout and Christine really had my back. The discovery and journey felt shared and safe. The recording and notes have been very beneficial to have as a follow up. I have been able to reflect again on what I got and it has been so valuable. I felt a deep connection and high level of trust with Christine and feel blessed for the gifts of this session. Thank you Christine for the difference you make to the lives you touch.

B. Champion, Ellerslie