Lifestyle, Self Help | 10 November 2021

The Story of Zadudu

A Polish folklore There is a village in Poland and the people have beautiful Zadudu.  For those that don’t know Zadudu is the beautiful warmth that people have inside.  We all have Zadudu.  It shines warm from the heart outward and is shared with everyone.  The more it is shared the brighter the village and…

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Coaching, NLP, Self Help | 29 September 2021

The Map is Not the Territory

We often assume things about other people to be true.  We create this from our map of the world based on our personal beliefs, experiences, values.  In NLP we have a presupposition which is “the Map is Not the Territory”. Think about a map.  It is a series of lines, symbols and words that help…

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Coaching, Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Self Help | 1 May 2019

The Gratitude Jar

The simple act of being grateful – no matter what! Life can sure remind us we are alive.  At times events and aspects of our lives can be overwhelming, a constant flow of things going wrong and perhaps, nothing going right.  This can lead to feelings of lack of control, layered with emotions of frustration,…

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