mBIT Coaching Certification

A four-day ‘in person’ training course – Friday 4 to Monday 7 November 2022

We are more than a brain and a body. Incorporating the latest neuroscience research, we understand now that there is not one but at least five intelligences (brains) within the human body. Each of these has its own purpose in helping a person navigate and integrate within their environment. It aids us to understand what is behind our gut instincts, our most heartfelt emotions and our logical thinking outcomes. From here we can adapt, change and transform ourselves and our lives into a more enriching, enabling experience.

Our ‘head-based’ world

The world we live in is getting faster-paced. There is little time it seems to ponder, consult, or wind down from the hustle and bustle of an ever-shrinking world. We can communicate globally via the internet; we can order something today and have it arrive tomorrow. We are asked questions and answers demanded of us instantly. Mobile devices are very much a part of our everyday life from a very young age. The world has become almost over-stimulating.

This translates into our work life and personal life. Everything becomes analysed against a collection of ‘KPIs’ – life and business. We compare and assess.

But what of our emotions? What holds the fear? How can we move forward to ‘tick the boxes’ if we don’t understand what is holding us back?

mBraining techniques help us to communicate fully within ourselves first in order to make wiser, pragmatic decisions. It can change your life journey to increase your wisdom, happiness and success.

How does this affect me?

  • Are you trying to make a decision, but something just isn’t sitting right with it?
  • Do you feel like your head says one thing and your heart says another?
  • Perhaps you know the action to take but just can’t seem to take it?
  • Maybe something just isn’t ‘in sync’.
  • Do you sabotage yourself, so you don’t achieve your dreams and goals?
  • Do you feel like your life is overwhelming and you don’t know how to stop?
  • Illness such as irritable bowel syndrome, rashing, stress and anxiety for example.

Learning about mBraining and knowing how to use the mBIT techniques will help you to find insights and bring embodied wisdom with pragmatic actions for you to move forward.

mBraining in business

Sheri Dew said “True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but about those they serve. It is not about exalting themselves but about lifting others up.” The connection belongs to the heart brain and not the head brain. Having the courage to stop, listen and connect is with the gut-brain.

In business, an understanding of mBraining assists in leaders being able to truly connect their business and their people.

What is mBIT?

mBIT (Multiple brain Integration Techniques) is a complement of techniques that are utilized to enhance the communication of each of the intelligences for better outcomes and wisdom.

Who is the mBIT Coaching for?

mBIT Coaching crosses all aspects of life.

  • Coaches
  • Counsellors
  • Social workers
  • Medical professionals
  • Managers and team leaders
  • Teachers and trainers
  • Consultants and contractors
  • People wanting to get the best out of themself

What Does the mBIT Coach Course Cover?

During this four-day course you will discover:

  • How neuroscience and behavioural modelling is giving evidence to ancient wisdom and practices
  • What it takes to be defined as a ‘brain’ and how this relates to the head, heart and gut.
  • How to recognise the linguistic patterns of each intelligence
  • Understanding of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Response Patterns and how they can impact us
  • How to balance the ANS through the mBIT Balanced Breathing method to quickly relieve stress
  • The prime functions of the head, heart, and gut and how it relates to patterns of behaviour
  • The ‘highest expression’ of the head, heart and gut
  • How to utilise the mBIT Road Map for improved communication, insights and wisdom for better decision making
  • How to change your patterns for the head, heart and gut to align and support you in obtaining what you want from life
  • How to respond to the external environment with greater wisdom in decision making and taking action.
  • How to coach others utilising mBIT coaching techniques.  

Upon completion and having demonstrated competency you will be awarded certification as an mBIT Coach.

Next course Auckland 4-7 November

As part of the course, you will receive a course manual and a complimentary copy of the mBraining book – mBraining: using your multiple brains to do cool stuff.

Join Dr Suzanne Henwood and me on this wonderful 4-day training to understand how you can use your multiple brains to achieve more in your life.

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mBIT Coaching Certification
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