Growing, Releasing and Supporting Women to Lead

Originally developed for Women in Leadership conference, this interactive one-day workplace workshop focuses on women in leadership roles and upcoming female leaders.

This workshop includes

  • Understanding what a leader is.
  • Participants’ personal reflection on where they are in regards to being a leader. This includes identifying strengths, limiting beliefs and personal biases and blocks.
  • Navigating gender biases and reflecting on how participants could overcome these.
  • Discusses four different types of leadership.
  • Creating and communicating boundaries effectively.
  • Learning that people behave according to how they feel and the impact of this. Learning to ask questions and seek to understand people.
  • Discussion regarding what people perceive leaders to be and what they want them to be.
  • Discuss effective leadership and qualities of it.
  • How personal and business biases can affect leadership.
  • Creating clarity to know the leader you will be.

All workshops can be tailored to suit your own requirements and can include one-to-one coaching sessions for participants outside of the workshop. They can also be adapted to suit groups rather than business models.

If you would like to know more or want to discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Growing, Releasing and Supporting Women to Lead
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