NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

Are you a salesperson, manager, team leader, learning and development person, HR specialist, coach, therapist or maybe someone interested in NLP?

Read on… our NLP Practitioner certification course will significantly and positively impact your effectiveness – within your work and private lives!

When we open our minds to new ways of doing things, new ways of interpreting information or events, or both; and even by understanding more about ourselves and others, then new and different things start to occur.  Good communication and being able to connect with self and with others in a more beneficial way.

NLP was developed in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Grinder majored in linguistics while Bandler has a gestalt therapy background.  Using their knowledge, and weaving in techniques from excellent therapists such as Milton Erikson, Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls, NLP was born.  It isn’t just about therapy, it is about influencing, business, modelling excellence; useful tools to aid in creating the outcomes you want in life.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is described by Bandler in the following six words:

  • Neuro – brain
  • Linguistics – language
  • Programming – behaviour

NLP trains the brain to learn new skills, and change thought patterns and even behaviours.  It aids goal setting, coping with change and overcoming negative emotional patterns.

It offers you a flexible approach to dealing with change which ultimately brings about positive, fast change and empowers you to adapt to an ever-changing world.

I am a certified NLP Trainer and hold NLP Practitioner training annually.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification Course

People learn NLP for many different reasons and it is impactful in business life as much as it is in personal life. Throughout the course, we will be including aspects of how it can be implemented into business, including emails and communication that create a response, tips for recruiting the right staff and negotiating skills to name just three. So, whether you are doing this to achieve your true goals in life, to interact better with children, loved ones or people in general; perhaps you coach or want to coach people or whether it is to be a more impactful leader, this course in NLP will certainly have a strong influence.

The NLP Practitioner training level is a combination of principles and practical experience to allow all participants to fully learn and integrate the knowledge. A combination of facilitated learning, as well as self-directed learning in between the two weeks of training, allows you to incorporate NLP into your daily lives and entrain the brain into a new way of being.

As you explore it more and more you will find new ways of thinking, of doing, and even of being if you so choose. I first started exploring NLP around 2009 and I have never looked back.

Christine Walter, Course Facilitator

NLP Practitioner Course description

Enjoy your self-discovery through learning NLP. The course includes a manual, instructions for techniques, scripts and experience in facilitating the techniques.

  • Participate in the practical learning experience during four groups of four days of training with your trainer and other participants
  • Information-packed practical training starts from the basics advancing to participating in the practical techniques.
  • Training incorporates the power of NLP within business as well as personal life.
  • All designed for you to enjoy the powerful experience of NLP for long-lasting results
  • With approximately 140 hours of NLP training incorporated in this course, timeframe and content meet international NLP training standards

What you will learn

  • Identify and be clear in what is most important to you in your life
  • Create a pathway to achieve what it is you want in life
  • Have great rapport and communication with people
  • Have meaningful relationships with people
  • Enhance your ability to influence others
  • Recruit staff effectively and more suited to the roles you require
  • Strengthen your flexibility and find creative solutions
  • Create your own powerful states appropriate to the situation present
  • Enrich customer services skills for a more productive business
  • Enrich your training programmes
  • Have the ability to deal more effectively with difficult people and participate in “courageous conversations” more easily
  • Be more effective with conflict resolution
  • Improve how you motivate and empower others
  • Ask great questions to get to the root of any challenge, gather information or create flexibility to explore alternatives
  • Assist other people with personal change
  • Clear barriers and blocks that hold you back
  • Transform unwanted patterns for more resourceful outcomes
  • Establish balance in your life
  • Connect and maintain your true sense of well-being and confidence in all aspects of your life

So, welcome to the Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner course.  Now that you understand what you can do with it, find out what the learning outcomes are.

Learning Outcomes

Listed below are just some of the learnings you will gain by completing this course:

  • Fundamentals and essence of NLP
  • Presuppositions of NLP
  • Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind
  • State management
  • The magic of 7+/- 2
  • NLP Frames
  • NLP Model of Communication
  • Five principles of communication
  • The art of influence
  • Sensory acuity and calibration
  • Eye patterns
  • Predicates
  • Representational systems
  • How to really achieve results with well-formed outcomes
  • The five functions success model
  • The art of questions and questioning
  • Linguistic presuppositions
  • Milton Model
  • Artful metaphors
  • Meta Model
  • Submodalities
  • Limiting Beliefs pattern
  • Perceptual positions
  • Basic Anchoring
  • Stacking, chaining and collapsing anchors
  • Negotiation between parts
  • Disney Strategy
  • SCORE Model
  • Phobia Model
  • Basic timeline knowledge
  • and much more!

“I will be recommending this course to my friends, family and fellow professionals – I so wish I had done NLP before now, an amazing course, awesome facilitator.  I have no doubt that it has transformed me personally and professionally.  This course has given me the knowledge and skills to enhance communication and empowers me” Diane Young, Psychology BSc (Hons)   

Who should participate?

  • Anyone who is interested in understanding how the language of the mind creates the patterns and programmes we operate our lives by
  • Anyone seeking more self-awareness and would like to feel more in control of their thoughts and emotions
  • Anyone seeking more self-awareness in their behaviours and outcomes; who would like to clear their “stuck states” and move forward.
  • Team leaders and managers who would like to lead and influence their teams more effectively and learn skills to resolve conflict.
  • Trainers who desire to be much more influential with their audiences
  • Anyone who wants to create from an “outcomes focus”, as opposed to a “problem focus”.
  • Salespeople and anyone who would like to know more about the art of influence
  • Human resource people who would like to recruit effectively and improve dealing with difficult employees and desire more skills with conflict resolution, powerful conversations and understanding staff better
  • Customer service people
  • Anyone who would like to help others with personal change.
  • Anyone who seeks to get more from life including balance, clarity in what matters to them,
  • Anyone who wants to achieve their dreams.
  • Anyone who desires confidence, courage, positive thoughts and empowerment in any situation.
  • Anyone who wants to enhance creativity and flexibility.
  • Anyone seeking the life they desire.


Upon completion of this course and meeting the assessment criteria to the required standards, you will be certified as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner. This course meets international NLP training standards.

Course Dates

By request this NLP Certificate training is over a series of weekends. All sessions are on location in Auckland. The dates are:

7-9 June 22-23 June 13-14 July 27-28 July 10-11 August 24-25 August

To enhance your learning experience, only a limited number of places are available.

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NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming
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