Finding Motivation

What happens when we lose motivation? How do we know what motivates us? How does it relate to my personal life and my work life? Values and motivation are closely linked.

In this half-day workplace workshop and focusing on a certain aspect of their life, participants will:

  • Find clarity on what would make this aspect of life better.
  • Discover their top values and note how they link to what they desire.
  • Understand beliefs, values and identity and how these affect our outcomes.
  • Being clear on ‘your Why’ and how to utilise this as your motivation in everything you do.
  • Creating a plan in this aspect of life.
  • How to transfer this to other aspects of life.
  • How to coach others to find motivation.

All workshops can be tailored to suit your own requirements and can include one-to-one coaching sessions for participants outside of the workshop. They can also be adapted to suit groups rather than business models.

If you would like to know more or want to discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Finding Motivation
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