Coaching, Lifestyle | 6 December 2017

NLP Five Step Success Model

Why do some people achieve what they want while others never seem to get past the dreaming? There is nothing wrong with dreaming – unless you want to achieve them. The NLP Five Step Success Model is a basis for all NLP well-formed outcomes, modelling and achieving what we want in life. Outcomes: For us…

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Coaching, Lifestyle | 17 October 2016

Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

A short article on how fun and laughter can aid our internal Life Coach and Hypnotherapist So there we were, in the conference having just learnt more about emotional intelligence and combining hypnosis and Tai Chi and……. Laughter in a pocket? A laughing scale? Gut laughs, little laughs, bright laughs, laughs with gusto, animated laughs,…

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Coaching, Lifestyle | 30 May 2016

5 Simple Principles for Quality Communication

Communication is that abstract thing that is all around us; a verb that has been turned into a noun. We communication through signs, movement, words, emotions – sometimes we communicate well, sometimes not so well.  Even animals communicate.  Here are 5 simple principles that will enhance your communication. 1. Understand that everything is communication. In…

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Coaching | 22 February 2016

Frame That Conversation For Success

Frame that Conversation for Success Have you ever been in a conversation where it seems to be going nowhere?  Both parties are almost stuck in their own track with little chance of progress. By changing a frame the conversation can move.  Let me explain what I mean by “frame” first. A frame refers to how…

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Coaching | 11 December 2015

“You are undoubtedly the worst pirate I have ever heard of!”

These are the words of Captain Norrington to Captain Jack Sparrow in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  Captain Jack Sparrow responds “Ah.  But you have heard of me.” The response by Sparrow is called a “reframe”. It is human nature to search for meaning; it is part of the way we make sense…

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Coaching | 19 June 2014

Circle of Excellence – enabling you to prepare for success

Have you ever been about to do something, say a business meeting, public speaking, visit the dentist and felt nervous or a lack of confidence?  Here is a quick little technique you can do to change your undesired feeling into something more resourceful and prepare yourself for success in that event. Before we start, just…

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Lifestyle | 28 April 2014

Feeling Stressed? 6 Quick Steps to regain control.

Recently I worked with a person for anxiety.  Anxiety is interesting to work with and I often find myself amazed at how an intelligent, strong minded, successful person, such as the one sat in front of me, could suffer from anxiety.  How can it be? If you are feeling stress or anxiety coming on take…

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Hypnotherapy | 25 April 2014

7 Most asked questions about Hypnotherapy

Going to a Life Coach or Hypnotherapist can be a nervous time; after all, you are wanting to change something that has been with you for a while. Here are some questions I often get asked, to help you put your mind at ease. “What is it like to be hypnotised?” Have you ever drifted…

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