Frequently Asked Questions

I understand deciding to get coached can feel as big step, especially if you haven’t received any coaching before. The Answers below to our top personal coaching questions give you an insight into what coaching involves. If you don’t see your question here, feel free to contact me and ask your question.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is unique. We all change at our own speed, depending on our challenges, how strongly we have them, and how they serve us unconsciously. For this reason, I cannot exactly say precisely how many sessions are required.

Some services such as Stop Smoking, or Hypno Gastric band are set into a time frame and sometimes require extra sessions outside of the package. This is person independent.

For most people, a course of six to ten sessions can make a real difference. Contact me to find out more about this and the special pricing for a package of sessions.

Are sessions in person or online?

With a client base around New Zealand, I can offer to coach both online as well as in person. For online sessions please be sure that you have a good internet provider and ideally a video function on your device.

How long is a ‘session’?

The first session is a 90-minute appointment. All other sessions thereafter are 60 minutes unless agreed prior.

Smoking Cessation hypnotherapy is a two-hour appointment with a free follow up 30 minute appointment within 30 days if required.

How is a session structured?

All sessions are ‘client-led’. This means that I have not previously set out a step-by-step weekly plan for each session. Each session is unique to you. YOU decide what you focus on, I travel with you to help you enable your change.

My challenge is a little personal…

I understand.
I offer you:

  • A judgement free zone
  • Advice free zone – we create choices to suit you
  • Encouragement to be curious and to be you
  • Coaching that is unique to you and your needs
  • Some support in between scheduled sessions

Are sessions confidential?

As part of the coaching sessions, I will make records which you are welcome to view or take a copy of. In fact, I often offer to copy the session notes at the end of the session for you to take away with you. 

I will use all reasonable methods to ensure that such documentation will not be disclosed to any 3rd party person without your prior consent.  In relation to the law, I do have an obligation to speak to a 3rd party if I believe any serious crime or harm is likely to be caused to any person.

You do hypnosis as well and does every session include hypnosis?

Only if you wish it to be included.  These are your sessions, so you choose what we discuss. At times I may offer options to you, the choice of how we approach your challenge is entirely yours.

Do I need an appointment?

All sessions are by appointment only and prepaid.

Please note that if you cancel inside 24 hours of your appointment, we reserve the right to charge for the session as this time has been saved specifically for you.  Please select your time carefully for this purpose.

Can I do just one session and see how it goes?

Of course, this is possible. And, depending on what it is you want help with, one session may be all that is required. You will find me very flexible to work with. Give me a call and let’s chat it through.