Change Unwanted Habits and Responses

A friend asked recently how I go about facing a challenge that is not of my making. He was looking for a strategy to help himself through something. We all have unwanted habits or behaviours that we would like to change.

All strategies

Being a NLP practitioner I understand we all have strategies and play them all the time.  Think about how you get ready for work. What do you do first? Then what? Do you have an order in which you prepare for the day? Most of us do. These are all strategies – patterns of how you go about aspects of life. Some strategies work well for us, some do not.

Now, what if you could change an unwanted habit. What if you could meet deadlines regularly or create new ways of achieving what you want in life.

Is there someone in your office you have to work with whose very voice or proximity usually just annoys you? Not very useful if they are part of your team is it. What would it be like if you could stop yourself from responding negatively to them?

Change Unwanted Habits and Responses

Everyone is human. There are some people who annoy others and there are things people do that can annoy you.  Sometimes this is easy to ignore if it has little or no relevance to you and sometimes it is really unhelpful and can create arguments perhaps between you and a loved one.

As well as everything mentioned above here are some examples of other things you can change when you want to:

  • Nail biting
  • Stress or boredom eating
  • Procrastination
  • Giving up
  • Feeling inadequate

If you want to change your unwanted habit or response to someone or something you can.  By identifying the strategy and purposely interrupting it, you can respond quite differently allowing yourself to change to the behaviour you clearly would prefer.  By thinking and behaving in a different way you can make changes.

Contact me now so you can find out where you can make changes for the results you really want.

Disclaimer: As each person is uniquely individual results cannot be guaranteed.