How is your team communicating?

You cannot NOT communicate!
It is impossible!

The question is

  • How are you communicating?
  • What state or perspective are you communicating from?
  • How are you checking that you have been understood as intended?
  • How are you interpreting communication?
  • How are you checking what you are interpreting is correct?

And think outside of individual communication. What about meetings or customer service? Your external performance and external customers are impacted:

  • Poor performance,
  • Poor communication,
  • Lack of process and
  • Lack of due importance placed impact

I help with

  • Communication within the workplace
  • Effective meetings and communications
  • Individual coaching
  • Team training
  • Individual coaching
  • Communication within the workplace

I assist people – individuals and teams – to consider:

  • What occurs when we communicate?
  • What is the outcome desired from the conversation before it even occurs?
  • How to frame /reframe communication for the best results
  • How to connect with people (even if they don’t want to or don’t like them)

I help them to think about how to:

  • Communicate better / more meaningfully. This includes body language as much as verbally.
    • Work with values of individuals and business – the importance of aligning these where possible
    • Work with drivers to connect beyond surface communication

I challenge them when required.

I can work one on one with people in your team to help with challenges that impact the work environment. Alternatively, group training can be the way to start – so they all hear the same message – with one on one coaching for individuals.


Are You a Good Communicator?

Take this short test to see how well you communicate in your workplace.