One-on-one coaching to enhance leadership

For existing and potential leaders operating in roles such as team leader, supervisor and up to mid-level management roles.

One-to-one coaching to strengthen leadership capabilities is a great way to develop talent. It can improve leadership performance, translating to better results for the business. It also is a way of showing commitment to your staff and demonstrating the career path available.

Savings for the business can be significant when considering recruitment, onboarding, and disruption costs.

Coaching to enhance leadership could include:

  • Establishing goals with your team member and staying on track
  • Communicating the ‘bigger picture’ to teams
  • Understanding personal behaviour patterns and their implications
  • Aligning leadership coaching with the company values
  • Understanding the power of communication and how to effectively communicate with the individual in mind
  • Dealing with challenging people and performance and managing conflict
  • Providing an impartial space for the coachee to reflect and discuss matters that may be sensitive for them


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