Personal one-on-one coaching for a team member

For individuals within any role.

Personal one-to-one coaching can improve productivity and interpersonal skills and contribute to building a better team environment. It is also a great way for employers to reinforce their employees’ importance within your business.

In the aftermath of the recent pandemic, there is considerable evidence of increased stress, anxiety, and loss of motivation.

“These times have been unprecedented, and it is impacting us all. I am losing my way. I am drained, I am tired. Everything is an effort.”

This is a direct quote from a Coachee. The employer had supported this person to be coached by me. This Coachee’s coaching journey included:

  • Providing an independent space and ‘time away from the desk’ – for clarity of thought
  • Unpacking the current problems
  • Perspective and clarity on the Coachee’s current situation
  • Establishing what is important to them (values and goals)
  • Explored ways to move forward
  • Personal skills for handling difficult situations
  • Confidence and motivation


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